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Conference Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written. A really long while. That’s because things are moving fast, and that’s a good thing.

Last I had written, I had found out that my paper was on the top paper panel. Unfortunately the particular division I submitted to did not differentiate between top submissions, so who knows if my paper was judged #1 or not. But I’m going to pretend it was. Sadly, that panel had a small turnout and for better or worse I had few questions. There are a variety of reasons this may have happened. First, the panel was not at the most convenient time, and my paper in particular was fairly difficult to follow if you weren’t reading along. Even I have trouble keeping it all straight sometimes.

My second panel however was much different. This was my first time outside of the technology division, I think this may have been a methodology panel, and the room was packed and I had a wide variety of questions. Questions typically seem to come to me when I talk specifically about transgender individuals. Apparently other people find it as fascinating as I do. I would say that I had a good half a dozen questions. One of my favorites being “is Second Life a politically correct term”. The answer would be no, it’s a computer program. Lesson learned for me about knowing your audience 🙂

I was also asked after the conference if I was transgender myself. For the record I’m actually not, but having taken an aesthetic communications class my first thought was about how I’m performing femininity. Too much? Too little? Oy.

It was a quick conference for me, I went down the day before my first presentation and home right after I finished my second. Regardless of the short time I was there, it was a successful conference overall.


I Made it to the Top!

I’ve known for quite some time that something I wrote was accepted at The Eastern Communication Association (ECA) conference in Boston this year, what I didn’t know is the panel I’d be placed on. Well, that’s no longer a mystery. Turns out my paper, somehow was determined to be one of the best papers submitted to the Technology Interest Group. Apparently through the blind review process (which determines if your paper will be accepted or not) my paper was judged to be one of the best. It may in fact be THE best. Rumor has it that typically the best paper, as judged by the reviewers, is the first to present on the panel. Mine is currently slated as number one. I’ll find out for sure at the business meeting during the conference in April. Regardless of where the paper placed I’m pretty excited, and pretty petrified since the top paper panel will likely get a larger audience than other panels I’ve participated in. The pressure is on!