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Taking the Nation by Storm

I’ve been submitting papers competitively to our regional conference for quite sometime. In fact, I just attended my third regional conference, you remember I got a top paper there right? But there comes a time when a scholar is ready to jump into the national spotlight, and that’s just what I did.

I submitted my first panel to our national conference, and it was accepted! Now, I haven’t written the paper yet mind you, and I’m a little worried about that, but regardless I’ll be presenting it this fall! I have to admit I’m less than excited about the prospect. This is a larger conference, and although I’m not worried about speaking in front of people, I always worry that I actually have no idea what I’m talking about. Clearly at some point someone will call me out as the academic fraud I am!

The thrill for me is always in the submission and the acceptance. After that I lose interest. You know how it is.


Hitting the Wall – Summer Edition

I’ve complained about the difficulties associated with working full-time, having a commute, and going to school full-time. Although I’ve complained in the past, for quite sometime now I’ve felt as though I’ve gotten my time management down to a science. Three PhD classes? No big deal!

So, when I signed up for two summer classes, one of which is a one month class, I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. I’ve been hurdled back into world of no time to breath.

The crux of this problem is fitting a full semester class into a month. Don’t get me wrong, I like the class. I actually love the class. The readings are interesting and it’s based on paper writing and group discussion. Two things I do well. But even though I’m used to having 2-3 nights of classes each week, trying to make key connections takes thinking time outside of class, and when you are meeting for several hours two nights a week for one class, getting that time in is hard to do. Trying to keep up is exhausting.

Then add in book chapter revisions that obviously would be due around the same time, and you’re looking at one tired and overworked girl. Sure it’s all worth it in the end. I’ll be closer to finishing my classes and I’ll have a book chapter, but believe me when I say that I may drop dead in the process!

The Year of the Book Chapters!

Good things come from conferences. In this case, it means a book chapter for me! As I was pulling the information together and writing my conference paper on transgender community creation within Second Life, I came across a call for book chapters on social media. Obviously I jumped and submitted the paper I had been working on, and it was accepted!

This means that I’ll have two book chapters this year (fingers crossed since the other chapter was accepted however I have yet to receive any change requests). I’m quite excited about this book since the editor already has a publishing company on board, and a good one at that. Oh, and I’ll also get a free copy of the book when it comes out. Seriously, how exciting is that!

I Made it to the Top!

I’ve known for quite some time that something I wrote was accepted at The Eastern Communication Association (ECA) conference in Boston this year, what I didn’t know is the panel I’d be placed on. Well, that’s no longer a mystery. Turns out my paper, somehow was determined to be one of the best papers submitted to the Technology Interest Group. Apparently through the blind review process (which determines if your paper will be accepted or not) my paper was judged to be one of the best. It may in fact be THE best. Rumor has it that typically the best paper, as judged by the reviewers, is the first to present on the panel. Mine is currently slated as number one. I’ll find out for sure at the business meeting during the conference in April. Regardless of where the paper placed I’m pretty excited, and pretty petrified since the top paper panel will likely get a larger audience than other panels I’ve participated in. The pressure is on!

Becoming a Wino

Indulge me for a second while I gush. I may have had one of the best Valentines days ever. I’m typically ehhh about the holiday. I’ve never felt the need to do anything overly special for it. In fact the last couple of years I’ve been pretty content to just sit and watch TV for a night. This V day however, we decided to do something different. We made wine.

Well, we didn’t actually *make* wine. We just watched it being made, and even that wasn’t overly exciting since it seems there are kits that you just put together. There doesn’t appear to be any real skill involved. But it was just a nice low key night in a local shop tasting wine and eating cheese and chocolate covered strawberries.

We’ll get a call in a couple of months to help bottle the wine if we’d like and take home 2 bottles of red, 2 bottles or white and 2 bottles of champaigne. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that made the night so great. Maybe it was the low key atmosphere, maybe it was the wine, or maybe the company did it. I’m not sure but I’m going to have to do it again.

Hello world!

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November 2, 2008

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