Hitting the Wall – Summer Edition

I’ve complained about the difficulties associated with working full-time, having a commute, and going to school full-time. Although I’ve complained in the past, for quite sometime now I’ve felt as though I’ve gotten my time management down to a science. Three PhD classes? No big deal!

So, when I signed up for two summer classes, one of which is a one month class, I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. I’ve been hurdled back into world of no time to breath.

The crux of this problem is fitting a full semester class into a month. Don’t get me wrong, I like the class. I actually love the class. The readings are interesting and it’s based on paper writing and group discussion. Two things I do well. But even though I’m used to having 2-3 nights of classes each week, trying to make key connections takes thinking time outside of class, and when you are meeting for several hours two nights a week for one class, getting that time in is hard to do. Trying to keep up is exhausting.

Then add in book chapter revisions that obviously would be due around the same time, and you’re looking at one tired and overworked girl. Sure it’s all worth it in the end. I’ll be closer to finishing my classes and I’ll have a book chapter, but believe me when I say that I may drop dead in the process!


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