Life Wins

I have a bit of a conundrum and it boils down to school or life. I like school. I like school a lot, but as any PhD student knows, it’s not only about going to classes and doing homework. It’s also about going to conferences and publishing. The question becomes at what point have you done enough, and the answer I fear, is probably never.

I have two papers I’ll be presenting at a regional conference in May. I’ve presented at this conference for the last 2 years, this year will be number 3. In an effort to mix up my conference presenting, I was planning on submitting to another conference for October, but now I’m rethinking. The past two years every vacation I’ve been on has surrounded a conference of some sort, and although that is a decent option, I think it’s time to have a week with no work or school commitments. Or at least limited ones. So, I’ve decided to put my “life” life first.

I may come across as all high and mighty on this one, but it’s hardly the case. The conference I was looking at was in England in October. I’m afraid I’m just not sure I’m up for a week of cold and rain for my vacation. Instead I’m thinking of opting in to a warm weather location. Not submitting to a conference isn’t the end of the world right? I have a publication out for review and a book chapter accepted. That has to outweigh a conference paper right?


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